Web designer working at their computer holding a stylus

Akiko Design understands the need for a balance between creativity and usability.

Before we embark on a web design project, we must appreciate how the target audience will actually use it. What they will be looking to achieve when they visit your website or mobile app for the first time and then on subsequent visits? How can we create an environment that will result in an emotional connection between the user and the product or service you offer?

Your website should provide users, not just with information, but with an experience; it is our job to make this experience positive and memorable through creative web design. Only then will we achieve repeat visits and loyalty to your brand.

UX is key to web design

This is the checklist we will keep front of mind when wireframing your website or mobile app:

Target audience: will the website be useful, valuable, desirable and credible to the target audience? 

Responsive: does the website work equally well on small screen devices as it does on desktop?

Usability: is it easy for users to perform tasks on their first visit? On subsequent visits, can users accomplish their tasks even more quickly?

Accessibility: can we ensure that all users have equal access to the information and functionality of the website whatever their age, background, access device or level of ability/disability.

Clarity: are user journeys clearly signposted?

Consistency: is the navigation in a familiar position and consistent across all pages? Are common design elements used across the site? 

Visual hierarchy: is the most important content above the fold and does it stand out?

Scannable content: is it possible for users to scan (not read) the content via images and infographics?

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