Managed Website Hosting


Websites that fail to load within 2 or 3 seconds will see increased bounce rates – in fact, 40% of consumers won’t wait longer than 3 seconds before leaving a site. Poor load speeds can be very damaging to both your brand and your revenue. Speak to us today about supercharging your site.

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High performance website hosting is key to any site being successful. Through collaboration with carefully selected partners Akiko Design provides enterprise grade managed hosting that ensures your website is both fast and secure.

We will review your digital needs and recommend the best solution and platform for your site; our wide range of hosting infrastructure includes Microsoft IIS, Linux, Nginx and cloud.

Using a managed hosting solution will save you and your business both time and money, here are some of the core benefits from using Akiko Design to manage this aspect of your digital setup:

Server Uptime and Security

By using Akiko Design’s managed hosting service you will relieve yourself of the burden of staying on top of your server monitoring and security. We’ll have checks in place to ensure the server is online, and on the rare chance it does go down we’ll be straight on it to get it back online. We’re so confident in our infrastructure that we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

In a digital world security should not be taken lightly. That’s why Akiko Design will install patches and updates across all of our hardware as soon as they are released, maintain multiple layers of firewall and perform regular security audits and virus scans. Being proactive with security ensures vulnerabilities are addressed before they get exploited.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Whilst being proactive with numerous security measures, we’ll also give you peace of mind that your data is backed up in a secure environment. These backup procedures will include both onsite and cloud based backups to cover both man-made and natural disasters. Data loss can be extremely costly to any organisation, it’s therefore essential to have such processes and procedures in place when choosing your next hosting partner.


DDoS Protection

Specialist network equipment and cloud-based protection to mitigate against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Uptime Monitoring
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With continuous monitoring we’ll be the first to know if any of our servers encounter any outage and get to work on getting it back online.

Hardware Firewalls
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We’ll intelligently analyse all incoming traffic to our infrastructure and automatically filter out specific threats to protect you from potential harm.

SSL Support
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To keep the connection between our server and your website visitors encrypted we’ll install and automatically renew SSL certificates.

Global Data Centres
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Our cloud based hosting solutions are powered by the highly reliable Google Cloud Platform ‘premium tier’ network and their 35 global data centres.

Automatic Backups
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Automated daily backups with a 30 day retention period and one-click restoration for quick and easy disaster recovery.

Premium Addons

By switching your hosting to Akiko Design today, not only will you benefit from our enterprise grade hardware and infrastructure; you will also be able to take advantage of the numerous premium addons that come included within our hosting packages for our customers to use free of charge. Here’s a selection of our favourite 3rd party tools that we provide to you at no additional cost:

Cloudflare Company Logo

Cloudflare is a domain management service that offers numerous security and performance benefits to millions of websites across the globe. Key features include world-wide DNS propagation in a matter of seconds, DDoS protection, CDN (content delivery network) and cloud WAF (web application firewall).

Amazon S3 Logo
Amazon S3

The Amazon Simple Storage Service is a cloud based storage service that offers scalability, security and high performance. Ideal for cloud based storage of website backups for fast disaster recovery, it can also be used for storage of large downloadable files to free up server resources and keep your website running efficiently as possible.

Litespeed Logo

LiteSpeed Cache is utilised alongside our Linux hosting infrastructure to deliver lightning fast page load speeds. Built into the server core, it replaces Apache and avoids the need for any 3rd party caching plugins. A highly-configurable cache crawler that will benefit both static and eCommerce sites alike.

Mailgun Company Logo

To improve email deliverability Akiko Design use the 3rd party email delivery service Mailgun to replace the standard server email functions. This ensures web generated email reaches the right destination and provides detailed analytics and tracking to assist with debugging.