Search Engine Optimisation


Nearly 70% of online experiences begin with a search engine; and 28% of users will click on the first organic result. In comparison, the website in position ten will only be visited by 2% of users. Speak to us today about optimising your site.

The higher you appear in the search engine results, the more click throughs (and visitors) you will receive to your website.

There are a number of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) measures that can be taken to give your website the best possible chance of ranking highly when certain keywords, and phrases, are typed into Google and other search engines. With millions of websites all competing for the same customers, ensuring your website is as well optimised as possible will improve your chances of online success. 

We strive to maximise the performance of our clients’ websites in organic search to increase their brand awareness and generate more traffic. We do this by employing numerous techniques, before and after a site is launched, to ensure it performs as well as possible. 

Ongoing SEO Support

SEO is an ongoing process to continuously improve a website’s rankings for the required search terms; Akiko provides monthly SEO support for many of our clients. 


Site Audit & Repairs
SEO Audit and Repair

We will audit your site checking for site load speed, technical issues, content and SEO issues and mobile issues and implement fixes at the start of the journey.

Keyword Research
SEO search

Identify keywords that carry high search traffic with a buying intent.  We will then focus on improving rankings for these keywords to bring the best prospects to your site.

Competitor Analysis
SEO Analysis

We then analyse our keywords with competitors to find out who is doing well, how they are there and what can be done to beat them.

Improve Site Ratings
SEO Ratings

We use best practice solutions to improve your sites Citation and Trust Flow scores and ensure your sites key metrics are all in place for future digital success.

Content Marketing

We create content and get links from relevant industry known sites with high authority.  Search engines read the content and make conclusions about your site, which is a key factor in how sites are ranked. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation
SEO Conversion

From initially targeting the appropriate audience for the right terms, we also ensure cleverly designed call to actions (CTA’s) to help the prospect engage and convert.