Designer drawing with a stylus pen

Every animation starts with a great idea. 

Entertain and inspire your target audience with bespoke animation which delivers your message and produces stunning, eye catching and engaging visuals. 

We take a comprehensive approach, covering the entire pipeline from initial concepts through to final production. We’ll take your initial brief and produce a storyboard, bringing the script to life, scene by scene with a considered blend of creativity and vision. 

3D visual of the Winycam dashcam

From 2D vector based animation, through to 3D photorealistic motion graphics, we’ll work closely with you to identify the correct style and ensure we create a visually stunning result. We can either work from supplied CAD files, or model from scratch, adding texture, lighting and dynamic animation to create an immersive experience. Exploded views, fly-throughs, spectacular particle effects or animated type can all be utilised to bring your product to life and enforce the brand. We’re always trying to push ourselves into new territory, fully exploring the capabilities of the software, to ensure that what we deliver is the best possible result. 

3D visual of the ProteanDrive technology

Animation lends itself beautifully to explaining simple or complex topics, bringing facts and figures to life in a way that delivers powerful and engaging videos, perfect for technical demonstrations or graphic presentations. Our technical knowledge and design-led approach ensures content works effectively across a variety of media, from the mobile phone through to the large exhibition screen.

The result is work that is as commercially effective as it is beautifully realised.

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