Aerial Photography / 4K Videography


The UK government has published its vision for a UK drone sector which could generate up to UKP45 billion to the UK economy by 2030. They offer public and private organisations an opportunity to carry out tasks faster, safer, cheaper and with less impact on the environment than traditional methods. Carbon emissions could be reduced by 2.4 million tons.

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Are you looking for high-quality aerial video and photographs for your project or business?

At Akiko Aerial Photography, we offer state-of-the-art drone technology that will offer a unique perspective and create a beautiful, engaging end result.

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What sets us apart from other drone operators? 

We are experienced award-winning photographers with a creative approach to deliver inspiring results. Our expertise in framing, composition, and camera movement ensures visually compelling scenes seamlessly integrated into your narrative. With a focus on favourable conditions, we create captivating aerial visuals that engage your audience. As web design specialists, we provide the perfect online solution, offering video in various formats for multiple platforms. Our in-house editors use professional Adobe software to enhance the quality of your aerial content to a whole new level.

Corporate Video

Do you need filming and editing or aerial video and images for corporate productions, web-based video, and filming companies?

We can help you bring your promotional video ideas to life, creating the story you want to tell and connecting you with your customers.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled videographers, we have the technical prowess and creative vision to bring your ideas to life.

Property Videos

Are you looking to capture your estate, facility, or product from a unique perspective?

Our videos capture breathtaking 4K aerial views, impressing potential buyers with an exciting new experience.

Our ‘bird’s eye view’ showcases your property comprehensively, making it stand out in the market and increasing its saleability.

From every angle and height, we highlight all aspects of the property and grounds, showcasing features like large gardens, pools, and the surrounding landscape.

Travel & Tourism

Do you want to showcase city attractions, impressive hotels, seaside resorts, and relaxing getaways?

Whether its interior or exterior views you’re after, we can deliver to your requirements. Walkthroughs, detail shots, flyovers, orbits; the sky really is the limit.

We will showcase the world’s most stunning landscapes, architectural wonders, and cultural gems like never before. Whether it’s a pristine beach, a vibrant cityscape, a majestic mountain range, or an iconic landmark, we expertly capture the essence and magic of each location.

Safety & Quality Assured

We have a commitment to safety and quality, are CAA registered with comprehensive public liability insurance, and all our flying is bound by CAA regulations.


Feasability Study
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We will carry out an office-based pre-site survey to assess any potential risks. These can include locations of possible hazards in the area, for instance schools, public areas, controlled airspace and other no-fly zones.

No obligation quote
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If we are satisfied with the safety of the location we will then provide you with a full quotation, with any additional costs itemised if appropriate.

Agree a Date
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Upon approval of the quote we will then confirm a mutually convenient date. This date will be weather dependent as drones cannot fly in high winds or precipitation. We will keep regular contact and re-arrange a date as soon as possible where necessary.

Conduct the Job
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We will arrive on site at the appointed time, and complete an on-site survey. As long as we are satisfied that all safety conditions are met we will then carry out the work. Once filming is complete we will then edit the footage, adding titles and sound where appropriate.