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Revolutionising canine care – Akiko’s bespoke solution for Acres 4 Dogs

Acres 4 Dogs Daycare is a bustling canine haven situated in South London. With the need for meticulous dog management, including pick-ups, security codes and van allocation based on dog sizes, the existing Excel process approach was no longer keeping up. Acres 4 Dogs sought Akiko Design’s expertise to streamline and enhance their operational efficiency.

We are so impressed with the solution Akiko has provided us; the improvements to our daily operations are immeasurable. The bespoke nature of the CRM system Akiko has developed aligns perfectly with our business requirements.

David Lampkowski
Director & Co-Founder


  • CRM development using .NET
  • Project management
  • Integration with WordPress for new customer registration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Hosting
  • Support
Laptop screen showing CRM system

Acres 4 Dogs was reliant on manual processes managed through Excel, which posed challenges in terms of time efficiency and scalability.

There was a requirement to manage diverse aspects such as staff leave, dog registrations, vaccine management, daily diaries and ad hoc bookings whilst ensuring compliance with various regulations.

With increasing demand from dog owners, there was a pressing need to expand their capabilities; allow several staff members to access the system simultaneously and prepare for future expansion and growth.

Login screen on mobile device

Akiko developed a fully customised online solution tailored to Acres 4 Dogs’ specific needs. This included features for dog pick-ups, meal schedules, paddock assignments, medication tracking and more much more.

The system seamlessly integrates with Google Maps, enhancing route planning for dog pick-ups. It also addresses compliance issues, making adherence more straightforward.

Akiko made sure that the system accommodates various staff roles with different levels of access.

Dog with driver handler

The bespoke solution has resulted in substantial time savings in all areas of the business. The admin team can all actively contribute to the system at any one time; driver-handlers can log on and search for the information they need during pick ups and drop offs; and all staff members can use the system to plan and request annual leave.

The implemented system not only addresses current needs but also future-proofs Acres 4 Dogs’ operations. The scalable design allows for integration with further developments down the line, providing a foundation for sustained growth.

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