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Field of Fitness provide a unique small group training and coaching experience that is committed to the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness for its members.

Encouraging sustainable change, their supportive training programme combines health expertise, nutritional advice and wellness support to improve and maintain optimal physical and mental health. They provide the expert guidance and encouragement needed to motivate members towards continual, incremental gains that bring long-term benefit.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our rebrand and new website! Akiko’s expertise, creativity and dedication to ensuring our new brand was seamlessly applied to all touch points exceeded our expectations. They didn’t just build a website; they created an online experience that perfectly represents our gym’s identity and values. We’re not just a gym anymore; we’re a brand, and it’s all thanks to Akiko’s attention to detail and commitment to our vision.

Jon Field
Field of Fitness, Director


  • Brand logotype and brand identity guidelines
  • External/internal branded signage and way-finding
  • Digital screen formats
  • Website
  • Social media templates
  • Staff uniforms
  • Fitness merchandise and clothing
  • E-book and printed brochure templates
  • Advertising materials
  • Posters
Field of Fitness website on desktop and mobile

Akiko worked with Field of Fitness to create a new brand identity that better reflected the company’s unique ethos and approach. After exploring a number of potential creative directions, we developed a solution that the client felt was the perfect fit for them – a stylised ‘F’ symbol to represent their core concept of sustained, incremental progress over time.

Used alone or combined with a functional and modern name-mark, the identity was flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways across uniforms, merchandise, environments and other communications materials without losing impact or recognition.



Man wearing Field of Fitness branded t-shirt

We developed a strong and simple tone-of-voice for the brand, comprising bold brand colours, fonts, dynamic layout styles for print and digital applications and animation guidelines for the brand mark.

We then worked with the team at Field of Fitness and their suppliers to design and deliver signage and way-finding for their physical sites, staff uniforms and a range of launch materials including brochures, posters, promotional merchandise, social media campaigns and a new website that brought the new brand to life across all touch-points.





Branded water bottle

The newly invigorated brand has been well received and the bold symbol of progress and growth at its heart serves as both inspiration to members on their fitness journey and as a statement of intent for the company’s future development.




Field of Fitness beanie